Land stewardship: About half of Harmony’s 1,650 acres is dedicated to parks, open space and community gathering areas. The Community will include 530 acres of natural open space, over 100 acres of parks, approximately 111 acres of community greenway, and a wildlife corridor that connects the San Bernardino Mountains and Crafton Hills.

Harmony is designed to encourage reduced automobile trips and use alternate modes of transportation through the construction of an extensive network of biking trails and walkways connecting residential areas, schools, parks, parks, open space, and commercial services, reducing reliance on the automobile for access to these facilities.

Connected: Homes will be prewired for high-speed Internet for residents to work and shop online, reducing vehicle trips.

Energy: The structures and wiring of the homes within Harmony will be solar ready. In order to reduce energy consumption, homes will also be built with improved insulation and modern heating and air conditioning technology. Harmony’s landscape palette also incorporates strategically planted trees to provide shade in public places.

Environment: Neighborhoods within Harmony are designed to maximize open space and to preserve sensitive habitat areas, ridges, canyons and the wildlife corridor. Use of climate-appropriate plants and non-invasive landscape species will be incorporated into open spaces and trails.

Water use: Harmony will incorporate water wise landscaping and water smart plumbing fixtures and irrigation. Homes built today and in the future will use significantly less water than those built in the past. Furthermore, non-potable water will be used for public parks, outdoor spaces, agriculture, and common landscape areas.

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