A Distinct Community

Located in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, Harmony offers a unique environment with a country feel and the conveniences of suburban living. Highland residents will enjoy a wide variety of recreational, social and shopping opportunities while maintaining a strong sense of community.

As the region grows, Harmony helps meet Highland’s growing long-term housing needs by creating a master plan community that:

Embraces healthy lifestyles by providing ample parks, trails, bike lanes and open space

Boosts the local and regional economy by creating jobs, grows the City’s tax base and adds customers for existing and new businesses

Enhances public safety by providing new fire and police facilities

Funds new and existing schools

Establishes new roads streets and improves existing roadways

Features state-of-the-art energy efficient and water-wise home types

Establishes new water, sewer and flood control facilities that provide local and regional benefit

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